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And be a part of a new world of home renovations

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Get more out of your life and your business with a Renovare home renovation franchise!

Renovare is welcoming motivated, skilled licensed builders to join our proven team of home renovations franchisees. With the backing of the Renovare renovation franchise team, your working life will feel like new… just like your clients’ homes.

  • Grow your business and make more money.
  • Finally, improve your work/life balance.
  • Have smart, sales-generating marketing at your fingertips.
  • Secure the best prices from your suppliers.
  • Enjoy support, advice and ideas from a great professional network.
  • Be part of a well-knownsuccessful brand.

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Why Builders are Choosing to be Renovare Builder Franchise Owners?

Home Renovation Franchise Opportunities For Builders

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Home Renovation Franchise

There are many benefits to owning a home renovation franchise, with the biggest one being the ability to operate as a small business whilst still getting the support of a larger corporation. In fact, franchises significantly outperform small businesses and are four times less likely to fail. This is because franchises have all the structures of a business already set up, including systems and processes, inventory, and equipment to buy, pricing arrangements with suppliers, and more. Not only will your new builder franchise have the support of the company owners, but guidance and advice from fellow business franchise owners. As a building company franchise owner, you can expect the following perks:

  • Ongoing training in sales, operations, and marketing.
  • An established brand identity and good reputation.
  • Established support network from company and fellow franchises.
  • Franchises often pool their marketing resources together to keep costs down.
  • Easier time sourcing financing, as lenders view franchises as less risk than start-ups.

Why Renovare?

At Renovare, we believe in having a hands-on approach with franchisee training. We take the time to show builder franchise owners everything they need to know to run a successful business. You’ll have instant access to building packages, sales deals, quotes, software, supplier deals and more. If you need guidance and advice at any part of your renovation franchise journey, our team are with you every step of way. You can rest easy knowing your business is backed by building company franchise experts dedicated to driving growth. On top of training and access to resources, we also provide quarterly franchisee meetings at no cost to you. This is a wonderful opportunity to network and learn from other building company franchise owners and provide feedback to Renovare.

Unlike starting a business from scratch, owning a Renovare renovation franchise allows you to grow your business quickly as there’s no need for testing, trial and error. We’ve worked out what works and what pitfalls to avoid and have streamlined the building process to be cost effective, timely and efficient. Following our business model, you’ll be able to avoid the common, costly mistakes startup business owners often make and instead generate long term earning potential.


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What To Expect As A Renovare Franchisee

Are you wondering what the day to day life of a home renovation franchise owner looks like? You can see some of our interviews with Renovare builder franchise owners across Australia on our YouTube channel or check out our franchisee spotlight interview below.


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