About Our Renovation Franchises

About Our Renovation Franchises

The Renovare difference

The role of our home is changing rapidly but a tough housing market is shrinking the options – and many families don’t want to move or rebuild. You can be part of the smart solution with a Renovare home renovation franchise.

Renovare does more than renovate a home. We help couples and families to transform their homes to live better lives, through smart, customised designs and architectural style.

We uncover the true potential of existing homes to support changing families, lifestyles and hopes for the future. And we do it with surprising simplicity to streamline and demystify the whole process.

modern bedroom renovation

Renovare builder franchisees Ben, Anthony and Jake


Be backed by the best

As a Renovare franchisee, you’ll benefit from the professionalism and support of a high-achieving team with its rock-solid business model, procedures and systems, so that you can grow your building business quickly.

You’ll have access to Jeff Thompson who has close to 10 years’ experience in the building franchising industry. Jeff ensures that you will benefit from his years of experience helping good builders grow great building companies and will show you how to establish yourself as the preferred renovation builder in your area.

A smart business investment

Simplify and Grow your building business with Renovare

  • Full access to our building systems and integrated software package: sales, quoting, estimating, accounts etc.
  • Initial and ongoing training for all aspects of your business.
  • Ongoing system support and advice.
  • Instant online access to marketing, reports, administration documents and supplier deals.
  • Buying power from preferred suppliers and contacts.

  • Support and advice from a big, experienced team of builders, with great skills and knowledge to share.
  • Professional advertising and marketing.
  • Know–how and resources to promote your business through multiple channels.
  • Part of a well-known, respected brand.
  • We support you with an initial marketing package and launch, which may use a combination of channels including Google and Facebook Ads plus SEO, targeted social media marketing, radio and TV.

Find out more about a Renovare building franchise in our FAQ section.

Who are we looking for?

Great people skills

Your customers are looking for confident builders who can communicate well and keep their projects under control.

Excellent communication is key to a successful business. You will be frequently dealing with customers, suppliers and the Renovare franchise team.

Energetic and creative

Launching a new business is hard work. From setting up your business and through the first couple of years of operation, you can expect to devote plenty of time to your new Renovare building franchise. Along the way you will come up with new and creative ways to tackle the challenges you’ll face.

You are supported every step of the way by a team that is dedicated to your success and growth.

‘Can do’ attitude

Your customers want to work with a positive and solutions-focused builder who can deliver a stunning home renovation while keeping stress levels to an absolute minimum.

We are looking for builders who are able to project confidence and a willingness to meet customer’s requirements.

Works with pride

Pride in the results of your work is an essential hallmark of the successful builder. Without this you cannot succeed.

The pride you take in your work will likely be reflected in the good reputation you already have as a builder in your local area.

Unwavering standards

As a premium home renovation company, Renovare stakes its reputation on the quality and craftsmanship of the renovations our builders deliver.

We are seeking builders who have the know-how and commitment to deliver outstanding renovations.

Wants to grow quickly in a structured, client-friendly way.

Our systems are designed to bring your Renovare building franchise up to speed quickly while making sure customer standards are maintained. This means plenty of work during the start up phase of the business.

Real integrity

Our customer relationships rely on a team of builders who truly care about their customers and the quality of work they deliver. Renovare builders need to be be open and forthright with customers and suppliers while maintaining a highly professional approach.

What to expect as a Renovare Franchisee

4 Reasons Our Builders Succeed When Others Don’t

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