Your Renovation Franchise Questions Answered

For all common questions about starting a renovation franchise with Renovare, including fees you can expect to pay, the initial investment, training provided, build territories, choosing suppliers and more, read through our Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you have a specific renovation franchising question, please contact us and our franchise team will get back to you with more information.

How is Renovare different to other franchise systems?

The number one thing that makes Renovare different is our background as a franchise. We know what it feels like to be a franchise and that understanding affects everything we do. Renovare is taking a fresh, innovative approach to home renovations, helping families who don’t want to move or rebuild, to transform their homes into feeling like new again.</> The difference between Renovare and other home renovation franchises is our background and years of experience as a franchise. Renovare is a very innovative franchise system, which is fast reactive to clients and into the marketplace. The company is big on technology and is incorporating the newest technologies in the way we communicate with clients, and to further enhance our services in all aspects. There’s plenty of reasons why owning a Renovare franchise makes good business sense but here are some main points:
  • The Renovare franchise fee structure keeps more money in your pocket and encourages the franchisor to give you every support you need.
  • Our business philosophy and culture will encourage you to be innovative and agile. You will become a better business person.
  • A Renovare franchise provides a successful business model with a proven ability to sustain years of massive growth. It is an extremely efficient, cost-effective, well-organised, full-service platform for your building firm.

What is the initial investment?

Because we know what it feels like to be a start-up franchise, we’ve kept our entry costs low. Let’s break the initial investment into three parts:

The initial investment is broken down into three parts:

The startup fee: $42,700, which you pay up front.

This fee includes a comprehensive startup package. This is an “at cost” package including a laptop, initial setup of the Renovare software system, training and travel allowance, uniforms, stationary and marketing items to help set up your office. All software fees are included in first 12 months.

Service fee: This fee is a total of 5,5% of your turnover. The service fee is 4.5%, another 1% goes into a marketing fund.

Sales Venue: As a builder, you are required at some point to open up a shop front. However, our suppliers support us by providing most of the fit-out materials at no cost.

(Monthly service fee): $1,000+gst/month. This fee is only applicable if a business does not turn over a certain amount of money (Less than $166,000/month).

No real other ongoing fees.

  1. Working capital– we think you should have working capital that equals 5% of the total contract value of your current renovation projects. This is not an expense, rather capital you’ll need to have access to in order to safely operate your business.
  2. Startup package– a well-planned startup package means you keep more in your bank for working capital! Upfront costs are $42,700 plus a 5k Grand Opening advertising allowance. This is an “at cost” package that includes: – A new laptop (always start a new business with a new computer) – Initial setup of the Renovare software system. – Training and travel allowance – Uniforms, stationary and marketing items to help set up your office
  3. Sales Venue– our builders will at some point require a shopfront. We usually keep fit-out costs surprisingly low because our suppliers support us by providing most of the fit-out materials at no cost, and we have been successful at negotiating “rent-free periods”.
To learn more about the initial investment, we recommend you book a business planning meeting with us where you will be able to learn:
  • How Renovare builders are able to fund the startup of their business (Tip: Most builders don’t have their startup capital sitting in a bank account)
  • What the typical first year in business looks like.
  • How many jobs you have to win.
  • About how to project when you will get your money back and start to make money.
Other miscellaneous costs you should budget for when establishing a new business may include:
  • Legal and Business Fees
  • Adviser/Accountant’s fee
  • Setup of business entity
  • License, registration and insurances
  • Travel involved in due diligence

What are the ongoing fees?

For each home renovation you build, your business will contribute 4.5% as a service fee and also a 1% Marketing fund contribution.
  • A monthly service fee may apply – Contact us to find out how this works.
  • Whilst buying power is relative to what you already have, most builders are able to purchase materials about 6 -10% better as a Renovare builder (than as an independent operator)
  • Conferences are free!- no fee - (you have to cover your own travel and accommodation)

Is running a Renovare franchise a full-time job?

Think in terms of ‘running a business’ rather than a ‘full-time job’. Like any successful business, a Renovare franchise requires plenty of hard work and commitment, especially during its early years. You will be supported every step of the way but in the end, it comes down to how much you put into the business that will determine its success. What we can tell you is that as your business grows and you make full use of the systems and expertise contained in the Renovare group, you will be able to step back from the business and have greater time to enjoy the rewards.

Is training provided?

At Renovare, we make sure you get adequate training continuously from our well-experienced team.

All builders are different and we make sure all of our franchisees get the training they need to feel confident in their new business.

The initial training is a three-day course out of our Renovare training center. The course is divided into three categories:

  • 1 days is system training.
  • 1 day is sales and mindset.
  • 1 day is marketing training module.

The three important things we teach new builders in regards to their business, is how to be able to sell, estimate on the systems, and understand marketing. We run additional budget training on site with all new builders as well.

Generally we allow three months training when starting up your business, but training at Renovare is always ongoing in one way or another. Even if the franchisees feel they’re at a point where they don’t need further training, their staff might and then we’ll assist them with that type of training.

Some other training extras:
  1. You’ll have access to Jeff Thompson and his team who has close to 10  years’ experience in the building franchising industry. Jeff’s actively involved in the Renovare business on a day to day basis and ensures that you regularly benefit from his years of building franchise experience.
  2. Business coaches are great right, but if they are so good at running a building company - why aren’t they in business? At Renovare, you’ve got easy access to a group of builders who are using the same software and business systems as you and they are keen to share their learnings.
  3. Our resource library includes screencasts that make it easy to learn to use the software and our head office team can provide on-screen support to keep you moving when you are still learning the systems.
  4. Our quarterly franchise conferences provide a great opportunity for formal and informal learning. As a new franchisee, you can start attending these events once you have signed on to Renovare.

What areas are available?

We have a few key areas available throughout Australia. Find the exact locations of renovation franchise, however, we customise and finalise the location with the builder to make sure it suits the preference of the builder we work with. Once we know what area you are interested in then we can confirm availability.

Do I get access to an exclusive territory?

Yes. Renovare has researched the building statistics and demographics Australia-wide and has come up with territories that provide the maximum opportunities for all. We can customise and finalise the location with the builder if required to make sure it suits the preference of the builder we work with. You can learn more about our territories here: Renovare Franchises for Sale.

How does the supply chain work – am I able to choose my suppliers?

Renovare builders have full flexibility to use the best suppliers and subbies.
  • Our builders DO NOT purchase materials through the franchise, rather have full freedom to take advantage of Renovare pre-existing supplier agreements when it is beneficial for them.
  • Renovare’s reputation means we buy materials at 3-10% better than some builders
  • Call us now to find out how Renovare buying power and procurement agreements can turbocharge your business.

Do I need a builder’s license?

Yes, the business must have a builder who is licensed to carry out renovations in Australia. Find out more about the type of builder we are looking for.

Once I start with Renovare can I continue to work under my other business names?

We require that all your building work is conducted under the Renovare brand and you must trade under a name that reflects your region, e.g. Renovare Toowoomba. Transition period – many of our builders are running a building related business of some type when they start their Renovare operation (other reno’s, inspections or carpentry). We work out a transition plan that allows the builder to supplement startup capital with cash flow from their previous business. As the Renovare business starts to take off, the previous business can be gradually wound down. If you’d like to see how this works, request a business planning meeting where we can design a transition period. Ongoing – some of our builders have a team of carpentry or bricklaying subcontractors who are relatively self-sufficient (leading hands are trained and run the show on their own). They’ve continued their businesses running alongside Renovare because it is easy cash flow and helps ensure trade availability. If we think your business is going to be too distracting or time-consuming to allow you to effectively run your Renovare business, then it won’t work out to run both sides– either in the transition period or ongoing. Rest assured that, because of our background as a franchise - you’ll find, we take a common sense approach.

Do I have to set up an office?

Yes, you will need a location from which to run your business. This is usually a Display Centre (shopfront) but these premises don’t need to be in place on day one. The best option for you will depend on your circumstances and your Franchise Development Manager will assist you in working out the best approach.

Do I need to have a fully staffed office on day one of running a Renovare business?

No - not at the start. The Renovare franchise start-up process lets you gradually ramp up the number of staff required in line with the development of your new business. In the early stages, you will perform as many of the roles as you are able and drawing on support from the Renovare franchise support team. As you start getting deposits and projects underway, you can then need to start bringing specialist staff on board - Estimator, Accounts, Sales Consultant, Contracts Administrator and the like.

Is it just a matter of paying the relevant fees and I can get started?

Not quite. We take each franchise applicant through a selection process to make sure you and Renovare are a good fit. In this initial phase, we’ll talk more about your goals and current circumstances. To own a Renovare franchise, we firstly look for people who want to get more out of life through their business. They want to see both personal and professional growth. Later, we work through these items:
  • We will have a business planning meeting, where we make sure you and your partner understand the typical Renovare business plan.
  • We will do a discovery day where we spend time travelling around your area.
  • We encourage you to get in touch with some Renovare offices and speak to as many Renovare builders as possible.
  • You’ll visit your accountant, an independent franchise expert solicitor and a business advisor to gain a solid understanding of being in business as a franchise.
By the end of this process, you will know whether a Renovare franchise is for you. If this sound familiar to you, visit our current franchise location for sale section.

How long does it take to set up a Renovare franchise?

This depends on several factors including your current workload/business arrangements, level of skill in establishing a new business and whether you already have office premises. To go from initial conversation to launching your Renovare business can take anywhere from one to six months, depending on the situation.

We need to go through many stages including software training, selecting and fitting out an office, and setting up accounts with relevant suppliers and contractors.

All builders come from different backgrounds, circumstances, and have different level of skills. How long it will take to set up your new business depends on several aspects including your current workload/business arrangements.

Generally, we allow three months training when starting up your business, however this can vary. At Renovare we want to make sure you feel, as a new business owner, comfortable in launching your business and for you to have a handle on all the innovative Renovare systems.

We will also take you through the process of fitting out an office front and setting up accounts with relevant suppliers and contractors before the launch of your business.

How can I contact Renovare?

If you are ready to take the next step in your renovation career, call Jeff Thompson direct on 0422 334 144 or email at to request a full Franchisee Information Pack. After our initial conversation we will ask to do a presentation with you face to face, to ensure you are a good fit for our company and vice versa. In some instances we require a few meetings before we will secure your deposit and get you started on your renovation journey with us.

Are you on social media?

Yes, we are! Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

What Are You Looking For In A Franchisee?

In order to join the Renovare home renovation team and become a franchisee, you have to be a licensed builder.

We are looking for enthusiastic builders who want to be part of a team, and who want to be the best in what they do in their current space.

We are looking for people who are excited to learn how to grow a business from the ground up and are eager to learn more about the technology we utilize in our systems, and are open to learning from people with experience in the business.

Our systems are designed to bring your Renovare franchise up to speed quickly while making sure customer standards are maintained.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a young builder being able to establish a successful business for his family.”Jeff Thompson.

What Support Does A Franchisee Receive?

As a Renovare franchise, you are supported every step of the way by a team that is dedicated to your success and growth. Coming on-board as a franchisee, you will have access to Jeff’s experience in the building franchise industry, and will be ensured to benefit from his many years of assisting in growing great building companies across Australia. When owning your own Renovare business, you get to take advantage of Renovare’s software and construction management systems, along with adequate, ongoing training, mentoring and support. At Renovare, no man is an island. As one of our builders you will always have access to support and advice from a big, experienced team who want to see you thrive in your business. To get you business up and running and to get the word out there, we also support all our new franchisees with initial marketing and advertising support, which has proven vital in the first phase of the start-up. You may also find this article helpful: Why Own A Renovation Franchise?

Have we missed something?

If your question isn’t here get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain further. Or find out even more about Renovare renovation franchises.

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