Being Part Of A Team

Being Part Of A Team

Renovare’s organisation model offers a franchisee the ability to grow under a common brand and benefit from a larger group of business owners.

This means, as a Franchise Owner, you instantly become part of a team where builders and head office supports each other and are in contact with one another.

You will have access to the professionalism and support of a high-achieving team with a proven system and solid track record in their specific area, may it be marketing, sales or supervising.

Going out on your own means you will have to find, hire and train all those people or alternatively, become a jack of all trades and do it all yourself.

Renovare Sunshine Coast Central owners Dylan and Shani talk about how Renovare is all about teamwork and supporting each other.



For your convenience, we’ve included a transcription of this video.

Video Transcription:

Dylan: So since joining Renovare, it’s been probably, as Shani was saying before, the biggest thing I’ve learned is the whole process from, you know, leads, qualifying leads, the sales.

I’ve never, you know, sold anything in my life and all of a sudden I can sell.

Shani: Dylan wasn’t a salesman…

Dylan: At all.

Shani: So he said but he’s now learned that he most definitely is.

Dylan: Yeah. And the whole Renovare brain, it’s like a community. You’ve got other people, other franchisees you can discuss with you if you’re stuck on something and it’s, you know…everyone’s just a phone call away.

Shani: It’s a family.

Dylan: Yeah, it is.

Shani: It’s really amazing. Everyone is like-minded. Everyone is so willing to help you if you’re stuck on anything and it’s really beautiful to be a part of that team.

Dylan: Definitely.

Shani: Especially in the building industry where you don’t have that usually.

Dylan: No. And being a builder, the biggest thing is, you know, when you’re trying to build yourself or learn something, you have no one to turn to. You’re pretty much…it can be a very lonely job being a builder whereas now, you know, we’ve got a big group behind us and just a lot of, like, a lot of team members we can, you know, relay information on and from, which is great.

Shani: Yeah.

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Renovare’s Team culture

Renovare understands the culture at any organisation sets expectations for how people within it will behave and work together, and dictates how well they will function as a team.

This will very much reflect the company’s overall performance and reputation.

Therefore, Renovare prides itself in the professionalism and support that is offered to the builders in order to cultivate their success and is actively promoting a culture of teamwork and cooperation where no builder is an island.

Become a Building Franchise Owner

Renovare uses a reputable business formula for its home renovation franchisees, providing them with the support and expertise needed to maneuver all aspects of a prosperous building franchise, including a team of professionals who are fully dedicated to seeing you and your franchise prosper.

For more detailed information please contact us today. We have a number of territories available around Queensland and New South Wales – browse our building franchises for sale.

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