Meet Cameron & Gabby Smith

Learn more about the backgrounds of Cameron and Gabby who head up Renovare Chermside.



Cameron: Hi, my name’s Cameron.

Gabby: Hi, I’m Gabby.

Cameron: And we’re from Renovare Chermside, renovation and extension specialists. Growing up as a kid, I lived on the north side of Brisbane. My dad was a trade-qualified painter, and when I was a kid, we built our own home together. And that’s where I started my journey into building. Yeah, building my own home with my dad was a wonderful experience as a kid.

Gabby: As a husband and wife team, we are very hardworking and dedicated to our profession, but we also value time out together, and we think it’s really important. So, something that we love to do is going away to the coast and having that beach break. We think it’s really important when you working together a lot. But also, we do value our friendships, and we come from these loud, loving families. So getting together with our family on a regular basis is something that we think is really important and we love to do.

Cameron: Yeah, and I think it’s important that when we have it because we have such a strong connection that portrays in our business, and it allows us to service our clients really well. After I started my own building company back in 2015 and going a little bit for a while on my own, I was approached by Renovare to be able to join the team of Renevare builders, and that was able to allow me to offer my customers a better level of customer service.

Gabby: And Renovare is like a family to us. You know, we all respect one another. We create this fun, loving culture where everyone just gets along. And that’s what we strive to do at Renovare Chermside is create that really fun, easy-going, friendly, and approachable culture with our clients. We want people to feel valued, and we wanna provide this reliable, fun experience for our clients as well.

Cameron: It’s really important to us that our team members respect your space. And whilst renovating, a lot of clients are staying in their own homes, so one of our number one things is making sure that the worksite is safe, clean, and tidy every day.

Gabby: And we take pride in our team having that sense of belonging and that sincerity to all the clients that we meet. So that’s something that we take pride in and we wanna continue promoting. We know that renovating can be quite daunting, and there are so many factors that are involved when you’re renovating. And we understand that some clients, there is an urgency to get things done or have things done a particular way. And at Renovate Chermside, we wanna be as accommodating as possible and really suit your needs.

Cameron: Yeah, a good example of this is we recently completed a full interior renovation, and the clients had to rent a space while we were doing the renovation. So we were able to turn it around in just five weeks.

Gabby: They were really happy.

Cameron: Before purchasing Renovare, we did look at other options in regards to building companies, but what really drew us to Renovare was these processes. At Renovare, we have a simple three-step process in place, concept, approval, build, to make sure that your job goes all the way from the initial design through to completion without any mistakes.

Gabby: What we really love about Renovare is that it’s just like a second family to us, everyone values one another. We’ve got this really fun-loving culture and we strive to continue that as part of Renovare Chermside with our clients. We want them to feel that sense of belonging and sincerity from us and the team and enjoy the experience.

Cameron: Yeah, and that’s what we think renovating is. It’s not just doing a renovation project, but it’s also an experience that you get to have. A renovation project can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Gabby: Professional development is something that we really value here at Renovare. And I’m really looking forward to these upcoming months where I can use my study knowledge in interior design and put it into practice with our upcoming clients, along with my pre-existing eye of design and creative nature. But I think it’s really important that we’re constantly changing and growing.

Cameron: Yeah, exactly. And also, I think it’s really important that we are continuing improving our systems and processes to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our eventual goal is to become the number one builder in the north side of Brisbane for renovation and extension projects.

Gabby: And we are passionate about building, and we’re passionate about giving our clients the Renovare experience and making their homes feel like new.

Cameron: Yeah, exactly.


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