Renovation Franchisee Testimonial: Adam Town

Renovation Franchisee Testimonial: Adam Town

Adam has been the franchisee for Renovare Mt Gravatt for only 6 months. As a 29 year old carpenter he has gone from long days on the tools to growing his home renovation business everyday. Hear about Adam’s journey with Renovare.


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Video Transcript

Jeff (Renovare Sales Manager): Hi, it’s Jeff Thompson here from Renovare. And I’ve got the privilege today to talk to Adam Town. Adam Town is our Mt Gravatt franchisee. And so, I just want to have a quick chat with Adam about how the journey’s been for him so far. Adam joined us in January this year, kicked off with Renovare, and it’s been definitely a journey for you. Been a bit of a ride, hasn’t it, Adam?

Adam (Mt Gravatt Franchisee): Yeah, it sure has.

Jeff: So, Adam just tell us a little bit about what you were doing, sort of, this time last year, your previous experience, and the likes. Yeah, so, let us know.

Adam: So, last year, I was working for myself. Previously, before that, I was working for another builder and then working with my father, sort of, you know, just… Well, that’s the answer to that.

Jeff: Yeah. Well, hey, look, I mean… So, give us an idea, how old are you?

Adam: 29.

Jeff: 29 years old. So, you always had it in your mind that you wanted to start your own building company. Is that something you were always thinking you’d like to do?

Adam: Yeah. I knew that I wanted to work for myself, yeah.

Jeff: And you come up learning the trade under your dad, which is a good thing.

Adam: Yeah, exactly. It was an excellent run, and I learned a lot from him. And…

Jeff: So, a second-generation builder?

Adam: Yeah, that’s it. Yeah.

Jeff: And then decided to take a bit of a punt and go out on your own and have a crack for yourself. And so, when you, sort of, had a look at Renovare, obviously, you would have been a little bit cautious of the whole thing, skeptical of Renovare. And so, how did you hear about Renovare? Just talk us through that. What was …

Adam: I found out through Renovare from looking into a Stroud Homes franchise and speaking with Matty there. And he put me on to Jeff about… The renovation side was ramping up and that was, sort of, my bread and butter. That’s all I had really done. And, yeah, you know, things went from there, yeah.

Jeff: Yeah. So, for you guys out there that don’t know, obviously, there’s a close association with Stroud Homes and Renovare. We’ve worked closely side-by-side, so. Yeah, obviously, Matt contacted me about this good young prospect, Adam, and we met for a coffee with you and your lovely partner, Elise, Saturday morning. We had a bit of a chat, and we got going from there. So, since you’ve joined Renovare, Towny, how has it, sort of, changed what you were doing previously? Like, are you still on the tools, or what’s your mindset like these days?

Adam: Yeah. So, you know, you just got me thinking completely differently to being just another chippy swinging a hammer. I’m, you know, organising, scheduling, I never thought I’d ever do that, planning the boys. I have now went from just myself and an apprentice to now I’ve got three carpenters and an apprentice, and where, you know, I’ve got two jobs going on at any one time, which is I never thought I’d ever have that situation. I’m not on the tools anymore, mainly working from the office at Morningside at the Reno Hub, yeah, and sort of haven’t looked back. It’s been great.

Jeff: Awesome. So, talking about two teams side-by-side that you never thought you’d be getting rolling. Obviously, you’ve got a couple of really good production teams rolling out now. You’ve got two or three jobs running at any one time, a real credit to yourself, and that’s sort of happened since January from a real cold start. Now, Towny, we’ll just talk a little bit about your numbers, if you don’t mind. I remember when we first signed Towny up, and we’ve got to start at Renovare, we, sort of, help forecast some numbers in regards to what the guys want to do in their first year. And Towny, sort of, was very… Obviously, he was very cautious about those numbers. And I think, you came back, “Ah, I’ll be happy if I could do, maybe, half a million in my first year.” And I think we’re, sort of, eight or nine months into it now, or nine months into it, and you’ve signed $1.3 …

Adam: $1.3 million worth of contracts.

Jeff: Yeah. And currently, you’re working… You’ve got other things at prelim and the like, sort of…

Adam: Yeah, concept plans. It’s probably right about the same, sort of, amount again. So, it’s, sort of, really blown me away and where I’ve come in just the short amount of time, nine months.

Jeff: So, as far as your expectations are concerned, has it, sort of, blown away your expectations on what you initially thought that Renovare could do for you?

Adam: Yeah, it’s tenfold, you know. I did not think I’d be where I am at the moment in this stage of my career. I thought that would be many more years to come to get to the, you know, where I am. But it’s all thanks to, you know, Renovare’s processes and the great training of the likes of yourself, Jeff, to get us to, you know, where we are.

Jeff: Just quickly touch on that. Systems and processes, training, if they meet your expectations in regards to that.

Adam: Yeah. You know, if I’ve ever got a query of like what’s the next step, I know that Jeff’s just a phone call away, or one of the girls in the office, if I’ve got like a bookkeeping or some, like, question. You know, the support from everyone is just tremendous.

Jeff: Awesome. Thanks, Towny. I really appreciate your time and talking to us. And look, would you recommend a Renovare franchise to any other potential builders out there that might be looking? Would it be something that you’d recommend to them?

Adam: Yeah, of course. Yeah, I definitely haven’t looked back since the day that I spoke to Jeff, which was about this time last year.

Jeff: Yeah, awesome. So, look, guys, if you’re interested in wanting to know more about Renovare, and how we can change things there for you… Just quickly, can we just quickly touch on your personal life? Has it changed as well since joining Renovare?

Adam: Yeah. You know, I have been busier, but it’s been a different type of busy. You know, I mean, it’s a lot more on the phone, stuff like that, but, you know, I have… Quality of life is definitely a lot better. You know, not coming home tired, drained, and dirty, yeah.

Jeff: Which is great for your partner, Elise, and the little one that’s about to join us, another little Renovare baby, which is awesome. So, thanks, Towny. I really appreciate it, mate. We’re really, really happy to have you part of Renovare. So, if you’re interested, feel free to give me a call. Even if you’d like to give Towny a call, you’re more than welcome. I’m sure you’re happy to talk to any potential builders that might be interested.

Adam: Yeah, of course.

Jeff: All right. Thanks a lot, guys. Thanks, Towny. All right.

Man: Awesome, guys. Well done.

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