Starting a Renovare Franchise

Ben and Jake Sutton from Renovare Toowoomba describe their experiences of starting a Renovare home renovation franchise. As the first Renovare Franchisees they have a unique perspective, having come on board when the Renovare brand was indeed ‘brand new’.


Ben: So, the experience so far with Renovare has been unreal. So, we were the first renovator franchisee. So, the brand was brand new when we came on and it well and truly exceeded what we imagined it would be like.

Jake: The brand has definitely has gone above our expectations. You know, people are now taking us serious once they see the hub that we’re in, our simple processes too, make life easier for the clients and, you know, they definitely love that as well. I think, all in all, the Renovare brand has just a great brand to be with.

Ben: So, with Renovare work-life balance here has definitely made a big difference. You know, we use to do a lot of big hours, whereas now we’ve got a bit of a team behind us, so we’re able to balance it out. And we have an office to work out of, so once we leave here, we can forget about work and concentrate on home life. Yeah, so we find with leads that, you know, every week, like have a meeting every week that runs through even our leads and the number of leads, and it seems to be a good constant balance basically. It has been good for us. But I’d say to anyone wanting to join, jump in and give it a go.

Jake: Yeah, just do it. It’s the best experience of your life.

Looking to start your own business?

For the Sutton brothers the experience has gone beyond their expectations with Renovare now regarded as the premium renovation service for clients in the Toowoomba region.

Opening their Renovation Hub in Herries Street has definitely raised the profile of Renovare in the region.

If you’re the type of builder who is keen to take their business to the next level a Renovare franchise is exactly the ticket.

Contact Renovare Franchising on 1300 049 516 to get the ball rolling or visit us at

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