Renovation Franchisee Testimonial: Cameron Smith

Renovation Franchisee Testimonial: Cameron Smith

Cameron has been the franchisee for Renovare Chermside for only 6 months. As a 26 year old carpenter he has gone from long days on the tools to growing his renovation business everyday.


For your convenience we’ve included a transcription of this video below.

Video Transcript

Jeff (Renovare Sales Manager): Hey. It’s Jeff here from Renovare and very lucky here to be talking to Cam Smith today. Cam is a good, young builder. He’s got our Renovare Chermside business, and we’re really, really lucky to have him come on board. So I just wanted to introduce you to Cam, have a quick chat about how the Renovare journey has been for him so far. Yeah, so Cam, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Cameron (Chermside Franchisee): Yeah. So I started off as a carpenter doing a school-based apprenticeship. And then, once I left school, I pretty much went out on my own after I finished my apprenticeship, and yeah, straight into business really.

Jeff: Doing carpentry stuff initially?

Cameron: Yeah. Started doing carpentry, and then got my builder’s license and straight into building after that. Was running my business for about two years before I met Jeff here.

Jeff: Awesome. And just tell everyone how young you are man.

Cameron: I’m 26 years old.

Jeff: Yeah. And, yeah, that’s a huge achievement Cam, to get out of school, do your school-based apprenticeship, do your carpentry, then go and get your builder’s license, and then, get out and start your own business. That’s impressive, mate. So credit to ya. So, yeah. That’s one thing I love about Renovare, you know, is we’ve got some really good, young builders been joining us and Cam is just one of those. So Cam, you joined us in I think March this year.

Cameron: March, yeah.

Jeff: Yeah? And just talk to us a little about the journey for you so far, so.

Cameron: Yeah. So the journey’s been great. After the initial training and putting their systems and processes in place, our business really started to grow quite quickly. Yeah. And now, we’ve moved into our own office at Morningside in the renovation hub. So yeah.

Jeff: It’s going good, eh?

Cameron: Yeah.

Jeff: It’s going good. And Cam, he sort of had to transition a little bit himself. So he wanted some nice work early on. And then, sort of, I suppose you made the mistake of getting back on the tools and…

Cameron: Yeah. Definitely.

Jeff: It’s learning the process, isn’t it, you know? The big thing with us here at Renovare is it’s really, really important that we get you all the tools to build a good, substantial business for these guys. They’ve got to be really in their office or in your office quoting and meeting with clients, just so they can start layering up the work and that’s where we’re at again with you now, you’ve got lots of work in your pipeline.

Cameron: Yeah. That’s right. Yes.

Jeff: I think you’ve sold what, three sets of concept plans this week?

Cameron: Yeah. Sold about three sets of concept plans to sort out this week. And we’ve had a heap of prospects since being back in the office. So just shows that what Renovare teaches you actually works.

Jeff: Yeah. That’s great Cam. And, you know, when we talk about concept plans, our process at Renovare is, you know, getting these guys, we do a lot of sales training with them, getting them out with a drafty which we’ve gotten house which is great, ain’t it?

Cameron: Yeah.

Jeff: And then, getting out, meeting with clients and selling concept plans. We understand that if we can get some concept plans sold to a client, we’re much closer to down a contract…

Cameron: Build that relationship…

Jeff: …and build that relationship…

Cameron: …with the client.

Jeff: …and actually get the job. So we do all of that. So are these three jobs that you’re currently working at at the moment? Give us some numbers.

Cameron: Yeah. We’ve got three concept plans underway and we’ve got a three we’re…another three, we’re pricing up at the moment. So we got about probably 1.5 million in prospects that we’re currently working on.

Jeff: Yup. Cool. And the leads, how have they been going for you?

Cameron: Yeah. The leads have been really good of recent, we’ve got a really good marketing team here at Renovare and that’s really paying off.

Jeff: Yeah. Awesome. So a little bit about your personal life. Has being part of Renovare sort of helped you with that, Cam, at all?

Cameron: Yeah. Definitely.

Jeff: You got a lovely partner, Gabby, who is a teacher.

Cameron: Yeah. Me and my wife Gabriella, we are sort of doing this together. So it’s helped to build our relationship, and yeah, helped us improve our life, definitely.

Jeff: And Gabby is obviously doing all your social media. She’s doing a great job.

Cameron: Yeah.

Jeff: So it’s been a learning curve for both of you. You’re both learning all the time.

Cameron: Yeah. That’s right.

Jeff: Things you need to do in the business and the growth stuff that’s happening with you both is really, really cool. So in regards to joining renovation, has it sort of met your expectations, has it exceeded, you know, your expectations?

Cameron: Yeah. It’s definitely exceeded my expectations. I never really thought I would be in an office and working at an office this quickly. It’s only been, yeah, six months or so, and yeah, we’re already at that stage, so.

Jeff: It’s awesome. And look, the thing is with these renovation hubs, they’re going to be a real good opportunity for you to start taking your business to the next level. We’re really excited about what we’re doing there. So that’s good Cam. It’s been great having you on board, and great getting to know you, and I know the future’s great for you mate. So thanks a lot Cam. If you’d like to know more about Renovare and how it can help you in your current business situation, feel free to give me a call, or even better, feel free to give Cameron a call. I’m sure he’ll have a bit of a chat to you about how it’s worked for him. So thank you very much, have great day.

Cameron: Thanks guys.

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